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Academic Programmes

Following the review of existing programmes and approval of the newly developed ones, SAVET now boasts of eight undergraduate, Six masters and three PhD programmes as listed below. There are also one diploma and three certificate programmes.

PhD programmes

  1. PhD in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  2. PhD in Agricultural Education and Extension
  3. PhD in crop Protection

Masters programmes

  1. MSc in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (Agricultural extension option & Agricultural Rural Development option)
  2. MSc in Agricultural Information and Communication Management
  3. MSc in Animal Production
  4. MSc in Animal Nutrition
  5. MSc in Genetics and Plant Breeding
  6. MSc in crop protection

Undergraduate programmes

  1. BSc in Sugar and Agro-processing Technology
  2. BSc in Agriculture and Biotechnology
  3. BSc in Agricultural Education and Extension
  4. BSc in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  5. BSc in Food Processing Technology
  6. BSc in Agribusiness Management and Marketing
  7. BSc in Animal Production and Processing
  8. BSC in Fisheries and Aquaculture

Diploma programmes

  1. Diploma in Sugarcane Agronomy
  2. Diploma in Agriculture
  3. Diploma in Horticulture

Certificate programmes

  1. Certificate in Sugarcane Agronomy
  2. Certificate in Sugar Manufacture
  3. Certificate in Core Products
  4. Certificate in Mushroom Production
  5. Certificate in general Agriculture

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