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The school of Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences and Technology was established in September 2011 from the Faculty of Science as a result of the ever growing dependence of our economy on agriculture and the need to enhance efficiency of use the ever diminishing agricultural resources and agroindustry to provide for the national food and fibre needs. SAVET is envisioned to be a centre of excellence in tropical agricultural and agro-industrial research for sustainable development of society. Its mission is to generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge and related fields through teaching, research and extension services by embracing innovations, income generation and modern Agriculture.

The world’s population continues to grow as agricultural land diminishes and productivity of such land declines in addition to facing adverse effects of climate change. The school of agriculture is charged with the noble obligation of addressing these limitations through research, training and production of relevant professionals to meet the challenges. SAVET is committed to pursuing programmes that address the immediate needs of society and offer practical solutions to the constraints affecting the community. The school therefore lays much emphasis on understanding the environment and working with industry in order to foster sustainable development.

As a result, SAVET has continued to expand its programmes to address most of the key areas of agricultural production namely crop science, soil science, animal production, food science, agricultural economics, agricultural resource management, agribusiness and extension. We lay emphasis at all levels of academic progression starting with certificate, to undergraduate and right up to PhD. It is the hope of the school that this growth momentum will be maintained without losing focus on quality service delivery to our customers.

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