Staff Members

We know that our School is only as effective and welcoming as the people who work in it, which is why we take pride in our friendly, well-trained staff members!

Staff Members

Prof. Jacob Wakhungu - Dean

Prof. Hassan Karakacha Were - Professor

Prof. Leonard Samita Wamocho - Professor

Prof. Alice Chesambu Ndima- Professor

Dr. Vitalis Ogemah - Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rose Onamu - Senior Lecturer

Dr. Mary Goretti Kariaga - Senior Lecturer

Dr. Francis Namasake Muyekho - Lecturer

Dr. Teddy Amuge  - Lecturer

Dr. Muleke Everlyne M'mbone  - Lecturer

Mr. Henry Lianda W. Mauyo   - Lecturer

Mr. Michael Mukolwe -  Lecturer

Ms. Grace Mugun - Technician                                                                                                                                                               

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